Just like a stone dropped into water creates ever widening ripples, so do the connections forged by VIBE Connections, as they go on to impact lives exponentially.


Being Real estate company owners, our founders Amina and Steve understand the huge benefits of having a dedicated team. That may not be for some, and while those great agents do very well on their own, scaling your real estate business without help can be a struggle.

Amina also realized that people in her native Trinidad and Tobago were struggling in a competitive job market. She concluded that her empathy alone wasn’t going to be enough. The people there are a gold mine of untapped talent who just needed an opportunity. * LIGHT BULB *

And so, VIBE Connections was born. We recruit highly motivated individuals, provide them extensive training and the tools to offer you the professional services you need to grow your business. Unlike the competitors, our Virtual assistants have specific real estate skills and are equipped to provide real value to your business.


To add massive value to real estate businesses & companies by providing world class virtual professional services.


To positively impact lives, those of our clients, their clients and our employees through connections that accelerate growth, development and productivity.



Amina has been honing her business acumen since the tender age of seven. When other children her age were doing what was “normal” on the weekends, Amina was busy selling rare and exotic spices to locals and tourists alike in her native island home of Trinidad. She quickly gained, and has retained, a reputation for her honesty and integrity.

In 2001, Amina migrated to the United States to join her family, however, she did not leave her entrepreneurial spirit behind. She fell in love with real estate and went on to found her own real estate, property management and cleaning businesses. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a Math Major.

Amina is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. It is this compelling desire to help others, combined with her determination, which has led her to founding VIBE Connections Limited. She saw two groups of people needing help and, in true Amina fashion, rose to the challenge and came up with a solution to help them both.

“The reward for me isn’t just about the money and the big life I get to fund for my family,” she says, “it’s about knowing I was able to help people achieve their dreams.”


Steve was born and raised in Connecticut. After completing high school, he went on to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, graduating in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Real Estate. After spending six years in Philadelphia, he returned to Connecticut and started working for a local REO brokerage, doing property valuation.

He eventually created his own company around REO property valuation and worked extensively with several top producing REO brokers in the New Haven County. When the REO market slowed down, Steve did not let that faze him and instead, used it as a stepping-stone to what would turn out to be bigger and better things. Without missing a beat, he transitioned to being a real estate agent.

It was not long before Steve realized that he had discovered his true calling – helping people achieve their real estate goals and effectively bringing their dreams to life. He worked as a single agent for six years, during which time he helped over 150 families with buying and/or selling their home. In May of 2020, he joined forces with Amina, becoming a partner in her real estate business and cofounder of VIBE Connections Limited.